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Médaille du Sauvignon Selection by CMB

Our judges

The Spirits Selection by CMB jury is made up of carefully selected specialists from around the world, who are responsible for awarding medals to the best spirits.

Bamford Didier
Bamford Didier Belgium
Baracco Dario
Baracco Dario Italy
Barro Helmut
Barro Helmut Germany
Bastos Ribeiro Vicente
Bastos Ribeiro Vicente Brazil
Becheau Emmanuel
Becheau Emmanuel France
Bernet Alexandra
Bernet Alexandra France
Bertrand Damien
Bertrand Damien France
Birollo Alberto
Birollo Alberto Italy
Blanco Salvador
Blanco Salvador Spain
Bonoli Matteo
Bonoli Matteo Italy
Borboa Suárez Carlos Armando
Borboa Suárez Carlos Armando Mexico
Boudaric Emmanuel
Boudaric Emmanuel France
Bouillon Etienne
Bouillon Etienne Belgium
Braud Jean-Luc
Braud Jean-Luc France
Broc Laurent
Broc Laurent France
Burtschy Bernard
Burtschy Bernard France
Buss Jaroslaw
Buss Jaroslaw Poland
Callegari Marco
Callegari Marco Italy
Carreno Lorena
Carreno Lorena Mexico
Chen Chienhao
Chen Chienhao Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
Cheong-Thong Marie
Cheong-Thong Marie United Kingdom
Chiriacescu Mihai
Chiriacescu Mihai Romania
Cibotaru Andrei
Cibotaru Andrei Moldova, Republic Of
Concas Angelo
Concas Angelo Italy
Darroze Marc
Darroze Marc France
de Almeida Andre
de Almeida Andre United Kingdom
de la Fournière Thibault
de la Fournière Thibault France
De Roany Guillaume
De Roany Guillaume France
de Winter Christian
de Winter Christian Belgium
Deaconu Lorena
Deaconu Lorena Romania
Dempsey Paul
Dempsey Paul United Kingdom
Dias Pedro
Dias Pedro Portugal
Dubosson Florent
Dubosson Florent France
Faure Christophe
Faure Christophe France
Ferrari Andrea
Ferrari Andrea Italy
Ferroni Guillaume
Ferroni Guillaume France
Flores Rodrigo
Flores Rodrigo Chile
Fornari Isadora
Fornari Isadora Brazil
Fossey Jean-Luc
Fossey Jean-Luc France
Foulard Sébastien
Foulard Sébastien France
Fournie Laura
Fournie Laura France
Galais Benjamin
Galais Benjamin France
Gardener Jennifer
Gardener Jennifer United Kingdom
Gauville Pierre
Gauville Pierre France
Geraci Alessandro
Geraci Alessandro Italy
Gerz-Stamenkovic Solveig
Gerz-Stamenkovic Solveig Germany
Giglio Daniela
Giglio Daniela Italy
Grenci Danilo
Grenci Danilo France
Gruau Antoine
Gruau Antoine France
Hayot Grégoire
Hayot Grégoire France
Hindryckx Dimitri
Hindryckx Dimitri Belgium
Imbert Jean-Christophe
Imbert Jean-Christophe France
Isacs John
Isacs John United States
Jones Anne
Jones Anne United Kingdom
Karathanos Thanos
Karathanos Thanos Greece
Kielmayer Kristian
Kielmayer Kristian Hungary
Kogias Stefanos
Kogias Stefanos Greece
Koralov Emil
Koralov Emil Bulgaria
Kovtunets Konstantin
Kovtunets Konstantin Kazakhstan
Krulcic Renato
Krulcic Renato Croatia
Kyriakopoulou Chrysoula Konstantina
Kyriakopoulou Chrysoula Konstantina Greece
Leyens Frank
Leyens Frank Luxembourg
Longueteau François
Longueteau François France
Longy Anne-Claire
Longy Anne-Claire France
Loreti Lara
Loreti Lara Italy
Luhangu Jacky
Luhangu Jacky France
Maestrelli Maurizio
Maestrelli Maurizio Italy
Magarry Steven
Magarry Steven Australia
Maia Mauricio
Maia Mauricio Brazil
Maire Floriane
Maire Floriane France
Marchetto Giambattista
Marchetto Giambattista Italy
Maridaki Antonia
Maridaki Antonia Bulgaria
Marois Marie
Marois Marie France
Marot Laurence
Marot Laurence France
Martín Tejera Maria-Luisa
Martín Tejera Maria-Luisa Spain
Mather James
Mather James United Kingdom
Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul United Kingdom
Matthews Ian
Matthews Ian United Kingdom
Mavolo Alessandro
Mavolo Alessandro Italy
Medicamento Nicolas
Medicamento Nicolas United Kingdom
Metalitsky Dennis
Metalitsky Dennis United States
Mirchev Svetlin
Mirchev Svetlin Bulgaria
Montoya Carlota
Montoya Carlota Mexico
Musa Barash
Musa Barash Bulgaria
Neykov Nikolay
Neykov Nikolay Bulgaria
Nijs Ulric
Nijs Ulric Belgium
Omta Ilonka
Omta Ilonka Netherlands
Pagnotta Clémence
Pagnotta Clémence France
Pau Marco
Pau Marco Luxembourg
Pavelescu Diana Laura
Pavelescu Diana Laura Romania
Pecheux Olivier
Pecheux Olivier Luxembourg
Pellegrini Christopher
Pellegrini Christopher United States
Pereira Américo
Pereira Américo Portugal
Perez Dimitri
Perez Dimitri France
Perrone Giuseppe
Perrone Giuseppe Italy
Pilzer Bruno
Pilzer Bruno Italy
Pitchforth Will
Pitchforth Will Australia
Quinton Carole
Quinton Carole France
Riccardo Domenico
Riccardo Domenico Italy
Ricci Morgan
Ricci Morgan France
Rocchino Emilio
Rocchino Emilio Italy
Salomez Timon
Salomez Timon Belgium
Samanishvili Giorgi
Samanishvili Giorgi Georgia
Sandhaus Derek
Sandhaus Derek United States
Schäfer Bernhard
Schäfer Bernhard Germany
Schmitz David
Schmitz David Luxembourg
Schmücking Jürgen
Schmücking Jürgen Austria
Schuler Johnny
Schuler Johnny Peru
Scivetti Vincenzo
Scivetti Vincenzo Italy
Seiz Annick
Seiz Annick Germany
Setka Michal
Setka Michal Czech Republic
Shi Young
Shi Young United Kingdom
Soulhol Florent
Soulhol Florent France
Stiévenart Vincent
Stiévenart Vincent Belgium
Szatmari Kati
Szatmari Kati Hungary
Szigeti Zsolt
Szigeti Zsolt Hungary
Terziotti Davide
Terziotti Davide Italy
Tierno Conde Cristina
Tierno Conde Cristina Spain
Tiwari Rojita
Tiwari Rojita India
Toneva Milena
Toneva Milena Bulgaria
Uys Walters
Uys Walters South Africa
Valenzuela Zapata Ana
Valenzuela Zapata Ana Mexico
Van Hoven René
Van Hoven René Netherlands
Vergier Christian
Vergier Christian France
Viguié Christophe
Viguié Christophe France
Villalobos Sauza Jaime
Villalobos Sauza Jaime Mexico
Wasantha Sanath
Wasantha Sanath Sri Lanka
Weiss Simon
Weiss Simon Germany
Wolf Kristina
Wolf Kristina Germany
Wolfelsberger Lilian
Wolfelsberger Lilian Canada
Wu Tianxiang
Wu Tianxiang China
Wurm Klaus
Wurm Klaus Germany
Yang Lei
Yang Lei China
Yong Xue
Yong Xue China
Zervou Maria
Zervou Maria Greece

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