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Guizhou · Renhuai

Enjoying the scenery of Maotai Town

Renhuai City is located in the northwest of Guizhou Province, China, with a long history and splendid culture. The establishment of Renhuai can be traced back to the third year of the Daguan period of the Northern Song Dynast (1109 AD) more than 900 years ago, and is named after the meaning of "benevolence for the world and conciliation for the border people". In 2004, Renhuai won the title of "China's Liquor City"; in 2021, it was identified as the core production area of China's sauce-flavored liquor; in 2022, the total economic output of the city reached RMB 170.67 billion, ranking 12th among the top 100 counties and cities in China.

Welcome to Sauce Aroma Liquor Core Region

As the origin of China's sauce-flavored liquor, Renhuai has a long history of liquor making and a profound culture of sauce liquor. As early as 3000 years ago in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, there were wine making activities in this region; The Lycium chinensis sauce-flavored liquor produced in the Han Dynasty was praised as "sweet, pure and beautiful" by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, which can be proved by the cultural relics of liquor of the Western Han Dynasty unearthed in Renhuai. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the development of salt transportation in Chishui River led to the prosperity of the liquor industry, forming a prosperous scene where merchants from all over the country gathered here and the boats was in an endless stream. The developing Maotai Town still keeps the charming atmosphere of "thousands of people doing business in the daytime, and thousands of lamps lit up at night".

Outstanding product quality

Renhuai is the main producing area of sause-flavored liquor in China, which embodies the integration and mutual achievement of famous liquor and producing area. In recent years, Renhuai City has made great efforts to build "five systems" of core production area planning and protection, quality standards, certification management, scientific research and development, and cultural expression, and accelerated to build a world core production area of sause-flovered liquor with "the strongest ecological foundation, the most unique production technology, the most outstanding product quality, the most authoritative standard system, the most famous brand in the production area, and the most distinctive sauce liquor culture".

Mountains and waters

Renhuai has an unparalleled brewing environment,brewing good liquor among good mountains and waters. The same as world-renowned wine producing areas, the unique natural ecology is the gene and code for Renhuai sauce-flavored liquor to pass down for thousands of years. The magical and beautiful Chishui River has an average altitude of more than 400 meters, and the scenery is charming, primitive and natural. Renhuai Sauce-flavored Liquor Production Area is located in the golden area of Chishui Valley, surrounded by mountains and waters, with a subtropical humid monsoon climate, warm in winter and less wind in summer. This area is an independent and closed valley space, the pH of the water is constant and suitable, the geological structure of purple sand shale on both sides is rich in 1000 kinds of microbial communities; the special climate, soil, humidity, microbial flora and other natural "gifts" here are conducive to liquor making, thus giving birth to elegant and delicate high-quality sauce-flavored liquor, and achieving the name of "World Liquor Characteristic Producing Area" of Renhuai. 

Le Sauvignon Blanc et le Steiermark

All the fine wines in the world have their own unique and unparalleled brewing techniques, and Renhuai is no exception. Renhuai sauce-flavored liquor is the product of perfect combination of "weather, geographical location and people". For thousands of years, the sauce-flavored liquor makers have been handed down from mouth to mouth, and generations of craftsmen have been adhered to the "12987" brewing process and the blending art of "seeing and smelling the quality and appearance". They take a year as a cycle for two feeding, make distiller's yeast during the Dragon Boat Festival, carrying out the first feeding at the Double Ninth Festival. After going through a total of 30 work procedures, 165 processes and more than 1,800 days of brewing of nine times of steaming, eight times of fermentation, seven times of liquor-raking, starter-making, brewing, storage, blending, inspection and packaging, the brewed liquor integrates grain essence and mellow and strong taste. Each bottle of liquor has experienced ingenuity precipitation; every drop of liquor is full of aging aroma, elegant and mellow, long aftertaste. The brewing process inherited in Renhuai for thousands of years has created the world's favorite sauce-flavored liquor. The brewing process of Maotai liquor has become a "living fossil" in the Chinese liquor industry and has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage.   

From a global point of view, the expression of producing areas has become the "common language" widely recognized by the world's famous wines, and the development of producing areas has become the future road for the development of the liquor industry. Renhuai Production Area has a long brewing history and culture, unique brewing technology, unique ecological resources, and has industry-leading well-known liquor enterprises, brands and a certain scale of industrial clusters. It is hoped that friends from all walks of life will pay great attention to and support Renhuai's "World's Sauce-flavored Liquor Core Production Area", promoting Renhuai sauce-flavored liquor to the world and integrate into the world, thus bringing the people all over the word a drunken enjoyment. 

The tastings will be held from 3 to 5 September 2024