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A new steering committee to promote dialogue and understanding of Baijiu

Baijiu is the first category of spirits by volume.

But what do consumers outside China know about the range of style they can produce ? What is consumer perception of this category in China and key export markets ? What are the challenges of this category on its internal market, and for international development?

It is to try to answer these and other questions that we set up a steering committee composed of spirits professionals with proven editorial skills and knowledge of the category. Over the months, they will build up a documentary collection from which professionals and consumers can go and learn more about this category that is beginning to be discussed outside China’s borders. This “one-stop information shop” on baijiu should become a platform from which in-depth, varied and up-to-date information will be fed into the dedicated website and social networks.

A steering committee composed of 9 professionals

The initiative highlights the fact that Spirits Selection is more than just a competition between producers and appellations. It is primarily aimed at fostering dialogue and creating a meeting point for industry specialists.


of Spirits Selection

On his blog, which is one of the few independent specialist blogs on spirits written in German, Helmut Barro writes about all kinds of spirits. A special focus is always put on how to use spirits to make good cocktails. His special interests also include the historical, production-related, and legal fundamentals of spirits. Chinese literature and culture are among his interests aside from spirits.

International beverages consultant and owner of Bar Face Consultancy. Over 25yrs experience in most aspects of the beverage industry.

Author of the book « The Essentiel Guide of chinese spirits ». Brand Ambassador of Ming River baijiu.

Expert in Maotai or sauce-aroma Baijiu. He is the President of Mingde College of Guizhou University and Professor of Winemaking and Baijiu making.

Expert in sauce-aroma Baijiu, Vice Chief Engineer and Vice General Manager of Sichuan Langjiu Group.

Author of the book « Iconic Whiskies », Journalist for Rumporter, La Revue des Vins de France and many more magazines.

Expert in light aroma baijiu and Director of Fenjiu distillery Technology Center.

Writer and photographer specialising in spirits, mixed drinks and bar trends. Owner of the bar “The Hide” in London.


of the Baijiu Committee

Fenjiu Baijiu

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By Fengxian Wang and Ulric Nijs When talking about Chinese Baijiu, most of us who have tried it, have an immediate recollection of a pungent, strong and very distinctive spirit. I would also wager that most of us didn’t really understand nor appreciated the fist sip. What many people forget, is that this experience is [...]

Sauce Aroma Baijiu, a laborious process !

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In the following article of the baijiu steering committee, Prof. Wu details the characteristics of the Sauce-Aroma category, one of the four main categories of baijiu. Chinese baijiu is a distilled liquor which is made from starch or sugar as rawmaterials with adding koji or “qu” (saccharifying & fermentation agent) for solid, semi-solid or [...]

The challenge of evaluating baijiu

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Are international judges able to evaluate baijius, which are not part of their culture? “When evaluating alcohol, Chinese primarily look for scents of grain, maturation, qu [a grain-based culture of yeasts and other microorganisms], fruit, flowers, soy sauce and caramelization,” says baijiu expert Zhong Jie, director of alcohol criticism at China’s National Center for [...]

The World of Baijiu: Aroma Classification, Its Historical Origins and Contemporary Relevance

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Baijiu is a challenging spirit to define. It employs production methods and ingredients seldom found in its Western counterparts. It favors aromas and tastes not commonly found outside of Eastern culinary traditions. Making matters worse for the baijiu novice, it is not a single spirit but a family of diverse spirits. That said, all [...]

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