September 2021

Spirits Selection now one of the world’s premier spirits competitions

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Press release Brussels, 23 September 2021 Tastings for the 22nd Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles will take place from 21 to 24 October 2021. To reduce health risks due to the pandemic, [...]

August 2021

JM XO, The secret to an exceptional rum – An interview with Emmanuel Bécheau

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The Martinique distillery JM obtained a Revelation trophy and a Grand Gold medal at Spirits Selection 2020 for its JM XO rum. We spoke with distillery director Emmanuel Becheau to find out more about this [...]

“We see the Revelation Trophy as the greatest possible recognition of our work.”

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Cachaça is the typical and exclusive designation given to the sugarcane spirit produced in Brazil, whose sole raw material is the fermented must of sugarcane juice. The spirit has close ties with Brazil’s national [...]

July 2021

A prestigious revelation award to Guo He sauce aroma baijiu at the Spirits Selection 2020

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In the 2020 edition of Spirits Selection, 300 baijius were evaluated by the international panel of tasters. And it is the baijiu Guo Hejiu Ren He, belonging to the category of sauce aromas, which [...]

June 2021

Roner SpA Distillerie, excellence in grappa – An interview by Carlo Dugo

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Carlo Dugo interviews third-generation managing director Karin Roner, who is celebrating 75 years of distilling in Tramin, South Tyrol, this year.Tell us about your company It all started with my grandfather Gottfried Roner. Back in [...]

May 2021

From food beverage to cocktail ingredient – fruit brandies struggle to find their niche

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Fruit spirits are luscious and – by definition – completely natural products. “They tick all the boxes required today by consumers: small producers, local cultures for many, artisanal manufacture, discontinuous distillation, the promise of "as [...]

April 2021

Fermentation Management for Control of Flavours. Congener Development in Spirit Production

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The process of fermentation is more than the transformation of sugar into ethanol and CO2. It is the first opportunity to modulate the aromatic profile of the spirit. This article, will show how factors such [...]

February 2021

The revival of fruit eaux-de-vie – episode 2 – Barrel ageing; an alternative?

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Freshly distilled eaux-de-vie tend to be overly assertive and do not easily release their complete aromatic palette; it is usually necessary to allow them time to stabilize and harmonize between 6 months and sometimes [...]

January 2021

November 2020

October 2020

July 2020

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles will take place this year in Brussels, on October 30-31 & November 1st

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to show fairly encouraging signs of improvement across Europe, Spirits Selection confirms that it will go ahead in Brussels on October 30-31 & November 1st. The 21st Spirits Selection by [...]

April 2020

The 2020 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles will take place in Brussels, during the autumn

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In response to the current global situation regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19), the organisers of Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles have decided to relocate the event to Brussels, Belgium, during the autumn of 2020,at [...]

March 2020

February 2020

January 2020

Domaine Tariquet’s 12-year-old Armagnac Folle Blanche scores again

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For the second time, Domaine Tariquet’s 12-year-old Armagnac Folle Blanche was awarded a grand gold medal and a Revelation trophy at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, a landmark moment in the history of the competition. [...]

September 2019

Single grape variety brandies: a comparative tasting of Armagnac and Cognac

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Spirits Selection is not only an event to judge spirits, it is also a place to learn something new, even for the most experienced taster. On day 1 of Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de [...]

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles announces China award-winners

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For its 20thanniversary, the itinerant  competition of the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles  took place in Fenyang – China, from 23 to 25 August 2019. Three weeks later, Thierry Heins, director of the [...]

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles announces award-winners

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This year’s competition took place from 23 to 25 August 2019 in Fenyang, China. The event issues three types of awards: Grand Gold Medals, Gold Medals and Silver Medals. Once again, the competition has [...]

August 2019

For the 21st edition of the Spirits Selection, Barranquilla is positioning itself as the international rum platform

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Press Release – Lvliang – August 2019 Barranquilla, in northern Colombia, has been chosen to host the 2020 edition of the competition. By hosting the Spirits Selection, Colombia wants to position itself as an international [...]

More than 1770 spirits from 59 countries compete for medals at the Spirits Selection

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PRESS RELEASE Lvliang (China), August 22nd 2019 The 20th edition of Spirits Selection began today in Lvliang, China. 102 professional tasters from 28 countries gathered to taste and rate as many as 35 alcohol [...]

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

Spirits Selection witnesses a significant surge in orders of medal stickers

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Spirits Selection has announced a 239% increase in the number of medal sticker orders in 2018 over the previous year. The increase shows that the competition is positioning itself as a genuine international benchmark. Here [...]

April 2019

March 2019

The World of Baijiu: Aroma Classification, Its Historical Origins and Contemporary Relevance

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Baijiu is a challenging spirit to define. It employs production methods and ingredients seldom found in its Western counterparts. It favors aromas and tastes not commonly found outside of Eastern culinary traditions. Making matters [...]

February 2019

September 2018

The results are out for Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

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Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles took place from 21 to 23 August 2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. During the event, three types of medals were awarded: Grand Gold Medals, Gold Medals and Silver Medals. [...]

May 2018

April 2018

A surge in spirits that are pure and made with real craftsmanship is predicted

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Consumers want to know what they are drinking, where it comes from, who produces it... In some ways consumers are looking to return to their roots. At the moment, this involves the most sophisticated enthusiasts, [...]

March 2018

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